About Our Immigration Practice: Immigrants and foreign nationals have played an essential role in the success of the United States and are essential to U.S. growth, innovation, quality of life, and preparation for the challenges of the future.  We recognize the value and importance of employers’ ability to hire the best individuals for their needs, and we are committed to making that happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We also believe that making the world a better place includes unifying families, and we support and facilitate efforts to immigrate loved ones, including fiancées, spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, and siblings.

We provide necessary expertise to organizations in the United States that desire the talent, dedication and skills offered by foreign nationals in every profession. Immigration law and procedure can present seemingly insurmountable barriers to immigration, and laws often do not keep pace with the needs of society and the desire of humans to share, grow, learn, and contribute.  We believe that doing everything legally possible to bring that talent, imagination, and wisdom together serves the greater purpose of American society.  Our firm serves business, employers, individuals, and families in the United States and abroad by providing expert, highly responsive, and personalized services designed to achieve the best possible results to advance our clients’ goals.